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Leading Brand in Insurance Claims Investigation ,
Medico-legal Services & Health Care Services

We offer our services as follows:

  • Insurance Fraud & Claim Investigation.
  • Internal Audit of Claim Investigation Services Provider.
  • Forensic Live Investigation For Insurance.
  • Forensic Pre Insurance Medical Services.
  • Documents Procurement.
  • Forensic Services in Document Verification.
  • Pre Insurance Investigation.
  • Insurance Health Checkup.
  • Training for Investigation.
  • Providing Profile of Fraudulent Nexus

Technological competence of the service provider :
Till date we are using the simple Modern Technology methods to provide the services to Insurance company.

Own developed software Programme to avoid prejudiced entrustment cases for investigation to authorized investigators.

All investigators has Android Smart Phone Which facilitates direct reports loading to company the evidences of cases investigated by them.

Like Photographs, Videos , Scanned Documents, which prevents future manipulation by any one interested party who has malicious intentions.

One contact person to all questions.

Past Information:
We are bound to agreement made to our client, Hence maintaining the Professional Secrecy , thus unable to disclose the names of company to whom we are services provider.

Insurance Fraud & Claim Investigation :

Under the instruction of our clients within the legal boundary we had justified the thousands of life and non life insurance claim especially in Death Claim under the life insurance policy, pre proposal investigation and verification of information submitted by proposer, pre insurance health checkup and break the nexus between Agent, doctor (paneled with insurance company), proposer  and others interested in fraudulent insurance claims. We also dig out the pre proposal death insurance Claims.

Internal Audit of Claim Investigation Services Provider:

Under the parameters of law in force conducted the audit of number of investigation  agency who are providing there service to insurance company, in relation to their investigation  reports, document submitted by them with Investigation reports, to rule out and maintained the standards of their working pattern, whether they are providing the services within the guidelines issued by authority, appointee company and regulatory.

Forensic Live Investigation For Insurance :

The record concealed by the insured can be revealed out with the help of proper study of different parameters like Identification and Existence of insured,  living standard, education records, birth records, Records preserved under some Government units working for benefits of common people.

They can  not be denied or manipulated . Lot of research has been done and new modern techniques are evolved in  science through which we can justified the status of the proposed insured and can determine the Notion of prognosis of claims condition which may affects the  insurance terms and condition.

Forensic Pre Insurance Medical Services :

We are out of competition. Our service is COST-EFFECTIVE , we also providing for live cases tracer marker pathological tests,  for e.g.  alcoholic, heart disease, cancer etc.

Documents Procurement:

It is seen that most of the time documents are submitted for claims proceedings are inconclusive and incomplete. We provide the verification and genuineness of such documents and confirm the source of production of documents and same time collection of fresh attested copy of it.

Forensic Services in Document Verification :

They are available in disputed matters when documents is in question especially related to   Handwriting , Signatures & Id and forged documents, Ageing documents, Video, photographs  etc.

 Pre Insurance Investigation :

Before issuing the policy  Whenever proposal received from the red alert area at insurance company with the help of the profile of nexus and modus operandi in particular area insurance company can hire our services.

With the help of our special method and information from reliable sources we informed the insurance company regarding condition of the proposal. In lot of cases while investigating other death claim we came to know that person who is going to die and chronic alcoholic has no medical records applied for life insurance policy with other insurance company.

We informed the  insurance company and help as pre insurance Investigation.

Insurance Health Checkup:

At very minimal cost we are providing the health checkup for insurance policy purpose. And it is needed in high c value proposal. Especially in an insurance policy attached with loan, credits shield , Housing Loans and term Plan where benefit will be awarded only on death.

We are having well maintained system of Pathological sample Identification system and tracer marker pathological test which are helpful in risk assessment in proposed proposal for life insurance policy.

Training for Investigation:

Our company has highly qualified trained, reputed, well experienced professionals team. ASPL investigation and Risk assessment team also arranging and conducting the workshops on the methods of investigation.

Aatos throughout year has Risk assessment programme and continuously imparting training to his team and investigator. The number of investigators are associated with Aatos.

Our training department has Lawyers, Retired Judges, Doctors, Forensic Experts, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and retired police officers of higher rank like ACP, DCP and Inspectors.

Providing Profile of Fraudulent Nexus :

Since 2008 team of our company conducting the investigation in the field of Insurance. We had record of thousand of cases investigated in different location, category and type of insurance policies of both life and non life.

The data collected through such investigation records like Proposal form, documents attached for claim settlement, and Medical records collected from Hospitals. We analyzed all the records  and evolve the modes operandi and  fraudulent claim profile which has given us tremendous help in investigations.