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Aim & Mission

Leading Brand in Insurance Claims Investigation ,
Medico-legal Services & Health Care Services

Our Aim and Mission

Our Aim and Mission

Aatos has meaning that “ a last thought” no other thought hence our team is working with such zeal and enthusiasm to provide non debatable services to our clients are from Govt. and non Govt. Insurance companies.

We are eager to provide the investigation services in all sectors of insurance and trying to keep strong watch on most fraudulent red alert area.

In most of the red alert area with efforts of our team our clients are succeeds to reduce the fraudulent insurance claims ratio.

We are working voluntarily in different area and informing the company/ies were we suspect that fraudulent claim will be claimed in company.






We promised Ourselves to provide in-debatable cost effective and time bound investigation services in following :

  • Life Insurance Investigation.
  • To help people who fight against fraudulent activity in insurance service.
  • To Provide all insurance related services to needy under one roof.
  • To promote fair practice in insurance related services.
  • To alert the all Insurance company regarding fraudulent insurance policy / claim voluntarily.
  • To provide information regarding most commonly involved agents , people involved in Fraudulent claims, who shifting their agency to another insurance company and enjoying benefit through it. 
  • Forensic Services in all Department of Insurance Company.
  • At nominal cost Opinion on cases or Matter related to Medico-legal and Forensic Experts.
  • Health Insurance investigation
  • Training for investigators.
  • Document procurement.
  • Pre Insurance Investigation to maintain the company standard.
  • Live Investigation
  • Unprejudiced Investigation