Key Persons of Company :

 Name  Designation  Qualification  Experience  Specialization
Dr. Artee S. Gandhi Managing Director MD., BA(eng)., M.A.(Psyco). 05years. Administration, Investigation & documentation.
Dr. Y.M. Bhargava Chief Investigator. B.H.M.S.,
08. years. Insurance Life and General Investigation.
Anand S. Gandhi Chief Administrator 03years Computer application. Documents & IT

3 Executives :

  1. Mr. Rohit Bhargava –(B.Pharma) : 10 Years Experience as Quality Assurance in Pharma Industries.
  2. Adv. Mukund Rajugade : Experience(LLB,LLM) : 05 years.
  3. Adv. Ramesh Barai-(LLB ) : Experience: 15 years
  4. Mr. Pankaj Bhargava,
  5. Investigators:  40
    All are Graduates ( Most of them Possesses Bachelor Degree in B.Sc. Forensic Science. )

Technological competence of the service provider :

Till date we are using the simple Modern Technology methods to provide the services to Insurance company. We developed Programme to avoid prejudiced entrustment cases for investigation to authorized investigators.

All investigators have Android Smart Phone Which facilitates direct reports loading to the company the pieces of evidence of cases investigated by them. Like Photographs, Videos, Scanned Documents, which prevents future manipulation by anyone interested party who has malicious intentions.

Aatos having separate wings for all work & work under the guidance of Dir of Wings.

  • Office accessory units in full swing and Competent. Separate printers for all PC . Scanner, Net connection at two places cable and personal dongle to each PC. Password are with operator and Dir.1. Data received by Company at Directors Table will be distributed by the director to maintain confidentiality.
  • One contact person to all questions.
  • we are out of competition. Our service is COST-EFFECTIVE , we also providing for live cases tracer marker pathological tests, for e.g. alcoholic, heart disease, cancer etc.
  • TAT for investigation , verification (claim asst.) and document pickup/ verification will be 15, 10 and 05 days respectively.
  • Team of Doctors/Medicals professional Having Domain Knowledge Of Process Of Claims And Investigations
  • Services Medical Expert’s opinion provided on critical/complicated cases.
  • Team of medico-legal experts having domain knowledge of the process of claims and investigations.
  • Single contact person/ medico legal professional in office for all queries.

Past Information:

We are bound to an agreement made to our client, Hence maintaining the Professional Secrecy, thus unable to disclose the names of the company to whom we are services providers.

Aatos Services Private Limited was registered in year 2014 as sister company of Ace Solutions. Ace solution is working in Health insurance claim and Investigation sector since 2008 with successful records for Life And Non Life Insurance Claim Investigation.

ASPL company is registered under company act & have CIN no. U74900MH2014PTC256388.

Date of Services Started: June 2008.

 Financial Year 2013-2014 2014-2015
 Paid up capital: Rs. 1lakhs. Rs. 1lakhs.
 Employee strength  42  42
 Customer base (Main Customers) Life and Non-Life Insurance Co. Life Insurance Companies.
 Turnover of last fiscal:    
 Total Remuneration Earned. Rs. 7.2 lakhs. 15 lakshs.
 Parent company name (if applicable) No. No.
 Any existing relationships with
AM, if yes
specify the nature of activity
 Company’s Strength Employees and Commitment to words Work. Technology upgrades and Self-assessment Methods.
 TDS deducted last Year Rs.65000/- 1,24000/-
 Pan NO. on TDS deducted. ABSPB9540P ABSPB9540P
 Company PAN NO. Not Applicable.