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Commercial Investigation for Insurance

Commercial Investigation for Insurance

We do Commercial Investigation and offer Consultations Services in the field of Life and Non life Insurance Investigation sector.

When insurance examiners suspect fraud we are there to supports inquiries relating to suspected fraudulent or criminal activity, such as arson, false worker’s disability claims, staged accidents, unnecessary medical treatments, false life insurance claims or collusion with dishonest doctors, lawyers, and even insurance personnel.

Working with in-house experts, we provide reports detailing and quantifying loss and comparing these with actual claims.

Death Claim investigation in life insurance and in-non life insurance

Our  Investigation Services

Scope of Services

  • Claim Investigation
  • Training for Investigation.
  • Document procurement
  • Pre Insurance Investigation
  • Forensic Live Investigation/ verification (Pre Proposal)
  • Insurance Health Checkup (Pre Proposal)
  • Internal Audit of Investigation Agencies.
  • Audit of Claim Investigation Services Provider
  • Audit of Claim Investigation Team of Insurance Company.
  • Forensic Services in Document Verification.
  • Dig out the fraudulent claims
  • Reducing the claim ratio.
  • Reducing the Loss of Company.
  • Reducing the Fraudulent Claims
  • Targeted or Red alert Area.